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We offer the finest Koa covers for Apple iPhone and iPad. We call them iKoa Covers because they are each made with our own private stock of beautiful Koa wood from the Big Island of Hawaii.

Our exclusive iKoa Covers for iPhone 4/4S are made with solid Koa wood. We are delighted to offer the only wooden iPhone covers in the world. Our gorgeous iKoa Covers are made with real Koa, not veneers or vinyl like cheap, wanna-be imitators. Chunks of solid Koa wood from the Big Island of Hawaii are carved to snugly fit the iPhone 4/4S. Our iKoa Covers have precise holes for all accessories and re-charger cords so you do not need to remove your iKoa case to plug in any of these.

Our exclusive iKoa Cover for iPad perfectly fits the New iPad. Solid pieces of Koa are applied to the front and back of leather covers that come in five beautiful Hawaiian accent colors -- mango orange, guava pink, ohia flower red, Kona coffee brown, and lava black. The versatile iKoa Cover for iPad converts easily for use as a keyboard or for display presentation. It comes with a magnetized cover that automatically shuts off the iPad when the cover is closed. No need to ever again shut off your iPad manually.


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