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After the Rain by Deb Lynch, framed

After the Rain by Deb Lynch, framed


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Maui artist Deb Lynch has a passion for painting, surfing, and cycling – not necessarily in the same order on any given day. Deb is a classically trained artist who finds beauty, wonder and excitement living in Maui. She finds inspiration in quiet moments with blossoming flowers, gentle people, glorious skies and thundering waves.

Deb loves painting peaceful, ordinary scenes that most people ignore.  She believes there is magic in a quiet afternoon on the lanai of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel or watching the clouds drift by while lying on a hillside.

Deb is particularly thrilled about painting the Pacific Ocean. She says, “The ocean is like us, deeper than it appears and offering more than we expect.”  There’s another side of the ocean that fascinates Deb.  She tries to capture that dangerous, powerful side of the ocean and the beauty there is in danger.

Title: After the Rain

  • 30" x 20"
  • Acrylic on canvas
  • in floating frame