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Hematite Chain Necklace
Hematite Chain Necklace
Hematite Chain Necklace

Hematite Chain Necklace


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Our craftsmen designed our Lave Bead necklace as a symbol of the fiery power of the active volcanoes in Hawaii. However, we used beads carved with lava stone from Java, not Hawaii, out of respect to the Hawaiian god of volcanoes, Pele. No Hawaiian lava was used in the creation of this necklace.

The natural dark color of lava cannot of duplicated by any other stone in the world. Anyone who has walked the lava fields on the Big Island knows that the lava is the foundation of the islands and creates a firm foundation for growth. This earthen richness is what we celebrate with our Lave Bead necklace.

Remember to take your Lava Bead necklace off before you shower or dive into the water. After all, fire and water do not mix.


  • Necklace measures 27"
  • Hematite plated e-coated
  • 3mm chain links


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