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I'iwi Ohana by Brenton Deardorff

I'iwi Ohana by Brenton Deardorff


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Brenton Deardorff


Born on Maui, Brenton Deardorff grew up with a crayon in his hand. Throughout middle school Brenton sketched his way into various school newspapers and began painting and glass blowing when he entered high school. In glass blowing he became mesmerized by the merging of all the colors and now imitates that in his paintings. Brent finds most of his inspiration in nature, through hiking in the mountains and being in the water. The ocean holds the most appeal to him, especially the painting of the perfect wave. His paintings have been featured and sold in Surf Art Gallery and Wyland Gallery on Front Street in Lahaina. His paintings represent the island style of life, the joy of slowing down and experiencing nature in its purest form, an ideal that he feels everyone can enjoy while on Maui.


I'iwi Ohana