Koa Umeke #23910 by John Uyehara
Koa Umeke #23910 by John Uyehara
Koa Umeke #23910 by John Uyehara

Koa Umeke #23910 by John Uyehara


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When it comes to elegant Koa umeke bowls, John Uyehara is a rising young talent that we are proud to feature in our stores.

John’s love for woodworking started by making Koa fish hook pendant at age 14. Today John turns Koa bowls for Martin & Macarthur using his father’s lathe at his home in Honolulu. Every bowl of unique in grain pattern and shape. John puts passion into his work, knowing that each Koa bowl is a part of himself.

John also serves our country working as a submarine mechanical supervisor at Pearl Harbor. He loves serving our country and loves continuing the craft of making Hawaiian umeke bowls.


  • Approx. 4.75" D x 5" H


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