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Soul Escape by Jan Marét Willman

Soul Escape by Jan Marét Willman


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Jan Maret Willman


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Jan Maret has evolved in her art career since attending Herron School of Art in 1977 from an established sculptor into a regionally recognized abstract painter whose vividly luminous and colorful works lure the viewer into dimensions beyond everyday sight.

After moving to Colorado in 1988, she exhibited in numerous venues and galleries throughout the region and developed a following of collectors throughout the country. 

For several years, Jan Maret mentored with renowned Japanese artist Tadashi Hayakawa, and was selected to show at the International Peace Exhibition in 2013 in Nagasaki, Japan.

Her art has been featured in the international Studio Visit magazine volume 30, on the cover of the Steamboat Arts & Gallery Guide,  Steamboat Living magazine, Waku Waku book 1 and II by Tadashi Hayakawa,  as well as the Maui News.

As an artist, her work is both direct and mysterious, spontaneous and otherworldly.  The works are brimming with tangible emotion and the dynamics of the never-ending cycles and connectedness of all things in the universe.  

Jan Maret skillfully transforms her unique mix of materials into stunning visual realms of color, shape and form.  A sense of natural rhythms and dreamy movement allows for disparate components to form and reform; evolving and responding intimately with the the viewer.   

She captures those shadow images of Life; the fleeting images from memories, dreams and human experience that flash unborn in the mind; transforming them into an emotive surface on the canvas. 

They allow us a gateway into the unseen elemental forces of Life and the other realms of our existence.  

For more than 30 years, life in the Rocky Mountain West played as a muse for Jan Maret’s works.  Now, her dream of Hawaii has brought her to live full time on Maui since 2018.  Here in the jungle rainforest on the wild and gentle north shore, she finds  her muse now playing with the magic of  Maui.  

Her life is about art, and her art is about life and the elements of life; the cycles from Beginnings to Endings. 

To view one of her paintings is to encounter a reflection of something within oneself; our connection to the Universe, the elemental forces, and to the vast and mystical poignancy of the human condition to which we are all bound.

Jan Maret has been represented on Maui by Wertheim Contemporary Gallery, and in Pueo Gallery of Greensboro, NC (opening soon), and in Colorado at Shanahan Collection in Denver, and Vertical Arts in Steamboat Springs.  

“My work reflects the eternal cycles of creation, growth and expansion of our vast universe, and the never-ending cycles of my own human emotive experience.  One cannot exist without the other within the dynamics of dualism of our Universe. The very beginnings of Life expressed in the vast Universe of our cosmos outside, as well as inside our very own physical and spiritual bodies is dependent upon these cycles.  I live within the greatest masterpiece of all.  Creation itself is unsurpassed as a  work of art...all works after it are but echoes of the original.”