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Sunrise Shell Necklace by Galit
Sunrise Shell Necklace by Galit

Sunrise Shell Necklace by Galit


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Maui designer Galit grew up in the city of Tiberias, by Lake Kinneret, the historical Sea of Galilee.  Her jewelry design has been inspired by her roots, being the 8th generation in her family lineage of jewelry makers and the first woman in the family to do metal-smith work.  Galit also finds inspiration through the Hawaiian culture and the beauty of the islands.

 "​ I am a constructionist metal smith, which means I create my one-of-a-kind pieces from beginning to end. I design and create all by myself. I put my heart and soul into each piece, and much love.”


Necklace: Sunrise Shell, top quality grade A, Hawaii island, “gemstone“, washed ashore from the forbidden island of Niihau, Hawaii to Kawaii. Picked up by families living on the coast facing Niihau. Coated resin to protect the shell, traditional adornment of the islands of Hawaii, in Argentium silver (940, oxidation resistant) table, 925 Silver bail, and Gold-fill chain necklace and clasp (14k gold/ 5% of the metal’s weight). 16 inch necklace.


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