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Ti Leaves and Some Bling Bling 1 by Galit Breman

Ti Leaves and Some Bling Bling 1 by Galit Breman


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Galit Breman




​Galit Amran Breman was born in Israel. Since age five, she was painting and creating works of art.   After serving in the Israeli army, she studied Psychology in Haifa University in Israel, and earned her MA with honors.   She taught Psychology in universities and colleges in Israel and the U.S. 

As an artist she developed two mediums of expression through painting and jewelry design.

Galit's art is expressed through her painting.   She paints images using oils & acrylic on canvas, and captures a spirit that appeals to the soul. Finding the subtle outlet of feelings through paintbrush and fingertip, her paintings and jewelry continue to inspire and evoke timeless emotion.

Her jewelry design has been inspired by her roots, being the 8th generation in her family lineage of jewelry makers and the first woman in the family to do metalsmithing. Together with her family history, growing up in Israel physically and spiritually as a woman, all have influenced her art.  

​Another inspiration in both forms of her art is the Hawaiian culture and the beauty of the islands, as she now lives with her husband and two children in Maui, Hawaii and has become a part of the local Maui artist’s community.   She participates in the artist program at the Four Seasons resort, is in stores and galleries, and exhibitions.


Ti leaves & some bling- bling  1


Acrylic on canvas