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Transition by Julie Houck

Transition by Julie Houck


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Julie Houck creates landscape paintings in her own technique of numerous  transparent layers to create the subtle play of light and shadows.  “I am inspired by the interplay of light on the landscape, which is ever elusive and always changing. Painting softly allows me the opportunity to recreate that one particular special moment when the land, light and atmosphere fuse seamlessly.”

Julie desires to capture the essence of the landscape. Rather than focus on the manmade, Julie looks beyond to see the expansive horizon and the grand, epic nature of the skies above.  Her compositions celebrate the gentle, unspoiled grandeur of a landscape that takes your breath away -- the beauty of the sky, the horizon, and the land.

Reflecting a serendipitous moment in time can be a deceivingly slow and  deliberate process. Julie’s work in oils involves applying layers upon layers of paint, and is highly influenced by my early classical training -- particularly the study of light on form.

Julie makes each landscape painting with up to 40 layers of transparent paint to recreate the subtle play of light on the landscape and control incremental changes in tonality.


Transition 12 x 12