Hiroshi Tagami "Waterlilly" Citrine Teardrop Necklace

Hiroshi Tagami "Waterlilly" Citrine Teardrop Necklace


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Legendary Hawaii artist Hiroshi Tagami was known for his impressionistic paintings of the beauty of his island home.  He captured the elegance of simple waterlilies in one of his most well-known paintings.

Barbara Innamorati creates a collection of art-driven jewelry fusing innovative design with glamorous sophistication. She applies 22K Gold Leaf and Sterling Silver Leaf by hand to create a soulful feel of authentic, hand-crafted vintage jewelry.

Barbara highlights her jewelry with glorious paintings by old world master artists, tropical flowers and sea creatures, and romantic whimsical designs. Capturing the art and luxury of handmade jewelry, each piece becomes a modern heirloom, evoking memories and stories.  

This handcrafted jewelry is a wearable work of art highlighting the masterful work of Hawaii artist Hiroshi Tagami.