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Dads Love Wood. Give Him What He Wants.

Father’s Day is always tougher than Mother’s Day.  Mom always loves the same stuff – perfume, flowers, and a mushy card.  But Dad is a different story.  To my Dad, Old Spice is about all the perfume he can stand, and that’s only when he has to go to church on Sundays.  And as for the mushy card, I think my Dad would cry, wondering what’s gotten into his son!

But this Father’s Day, he’s going to be proud.  Dad always loved the smell of wood and always told me to use my hands and make something.  Well, I’m admittedly more nimble on a keyboard than circular saw. But this year, Dad is going to get what he wants – wood!

The craftsmen of Martin & MacArthur have created beautiful Koa wood watches, then only Koa wood watches in the entire world.  The band and frame are made with solid Koa, grown only in Hawaii. It has a precision quartz movement, so Dad won’t have to wind it.  Dad is going to love his Koa wood watch. Dads Love Wood. Give Him What He Wants.

My Dad loves his cigars.  Ever since I can remember, Dad would sit out after a barbeque and  light up a cigar. It was like his reward after firing up a meal for the family on his prized Webber grill.  Dad is going to love a Koa humidor for his cigar collection.  But this is not just any humidor.  This one by Martin & MacArthur is lined with their own private stock of Spanish Cedar.  It has its own built-in humidifier and hygrometer.  Dad is going to love his Martin humidor.

This Father’s Day, I’m going to give my Dad what he wants—a Koa wood gift from the craftsmen of Martin & MacArthur.  It’s almost like I made it myself!