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Martin & MacArthur Watch Warranty

Martin & MacArthur Watch Warranty

Martin & MacArthur offers a limited warranty that covers defects of materials and workmanship of the quartz watch movement or mechanical watch movement for a period of two (2) years after the original purchase date shown on the receipt. 


      • The watch warranty is voided if there is any evidence of water damage. Our Watch Service Center will open the back of the watch to assess the damage to the movement.  If there is evidence of water exposure or water damage in the watch movement, then the warranty is voided.  The watch may still be repairable, however, it will be at the expense of the watch owner.
        • The watch warranty does not cover any part of the crystal face, quartz battery, metal clasp or repairs to any part of the wood watch band, including the replacement of the screws connecting the wood links.  Damage to the wood watch band can be repaired. However, repair of the wood watch band is not covered by the limited warranty for the quartz movement.
    The watch warranty does not cover malfunction or damage resulting from accidents, negligence, misuse, or normal wear-and-tear.  If customers choose to replace the quartz battery on their own, without sending the watch to our Watch ServiceCenter, any ensuing damage to the movement will not be covered under the warranty.  Any sign that the watch back was opened will void the warranty.  We recommend all battery replacements be sent to our Tense Watch Service Center.   


      How to Send a Wood Watch for Repair

      For repairs, customer must contact our Tense Watch Service Center by phone 1-604-525-5633 or email  

          • Customers will be given a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Number.
          • This RMA# must be written on the outside of the package, or Tense will refuse the shipment.


        Ship the watch via your national postal service (e.g. USPS, Australia Post, Canada Post).

            • Do not ship the watch through private couriers like FedEx or UPS
            • Canadian Customs will delay shipments that are sent via FedEx or UPS.
            • Furthermore, Canadian Customs will impose fees on watches sent via FedEx or UPS. These customs fees will need to be paid by the customer
            • To avoid any Canadian Customs fees, ship the watch via your national postal service (e.g. USPS, Australia Post, Canada Post).


          Write “Watch for Repair” as the Package Content and “low content value” on the Customs Declaration form (‘the green sticker’) if the watch is being shipped outside of Canada.

          We recommend you insure your shipment in case the shipment gets lost.  Martin & MacArthur and our Watch Service Center are not responsible for watches lost during shipment. 


          Wrap the watch adequately for shipment. We recommend using a bubble-padded envelope. Do not send your watch in its original box.  Boxes will not be returned.

          Include the following documents in your watch shipment to Tense

              • Completed Watch Repair Form from the following link:  Watch Repair Form 
              • Copy of the sales receipt
              • Clear description of the problem
              • Credit Card (Visa/Mastercard only) number, expiration date, CVV # & signature


            Shipping Address

            Ship your watch to the following address, via your national postal service (e.g. USPS, Australia Post, Canada Post).

            Tense Enterprises Inc.
            Attn: Repair/Return Dept.
            Tense Watch Canada
            118-1515 Broadway St
            Port Coquitlam, BC
            V3C 6M2


            Estimated Fees for Watch Repair

            The following estimated fees apply to USA and Canada repairs. Other countries should please contact our Watch Service Center at 1(604) 525-5633.

                    • $22.00             Return shipping and handling fee applies for all warranty repairs.
                    • $75.00+           Charge on all component repairs not covered by warranty, includes shipping and handling
                    • $35.00             Charge for battery replacement, includes shipping and handling

            Acceptable Methods of Payment: Visa or Mastercard only.  NO CHECKS ACCEPTED.


            Operations Manual and Warranty
            Mahalo!  Thank you for choosing a Martin & MacArthur wood watch.

            Our solid wood watches are hand-crafted and carved from sustainable, natural woods including Koa from the Big Island of Hawaii and other exotic hardwoods from around the world.  Our Koa watches are made from our private stock of curly Koa wood.

            We have chosen a trusted partner in British Columbia, Canada to make our wood watches to our exacting specifications.  Martin & MacArthur wood watches are crafted with unique refinements and details unlike any other wood watches in the world.

            Our quartz watches are made with premium movements from the Miyota Co.
            Our self-winding, automatic watches are made with 21-jewel movements and sapphire crystal faces.

            For best results, please read the instructions below before using your
            Martin & MacArthur wood watch. 


            Watch Instrustions


             Setting up the Tense Chronograph Watch

            Tense Chronograph re-calibration instructions