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Martin & MacArthur Hawaii craftsmen create desktop Teak Boxes using the Teak wood from the original deck of the USS Missouri. Each Teak Box is made with honor and respect for the military heroes who served in World War II and fought for world peace. This original Teak was salvaged from the deck of the USS Missouri as the Mighty Mo underwent restoration and replacement of its original deck. A portion of the proceeds from each Teak Box supports the mission of the USS Missouri Memorial Association - to preserve the Battleship Missouri and share her story and place in history. Made in Hawaii with pride.

The USS Missouri Memorial Association and Martin & MacArthur formed an exclusive partnership to celebrate and honor the legacy of the USS Missouri and those who fought heroically in World War II to restore peace on Earth. The Mighty Mo was launched in January 29, 1944 at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Teak was chosen for the deck of this world class battleship because it is extremely durable, moisture resistant, and reduced the static electricity generated from the ship’s guns. On September 2, 1945, the teak deck of the USS Missouri served as the platform on which the Japanese delegation signed surrender documents officially ending World War II and beginning an era of world peace.