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USSM Teak Hook Pendants

USSM Teak Hook Pendants

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Hawaii craftsman Dewey Medeiros carves Hawaiian Fishhook Pendants using Teak from the actual deck of the USS Missouri. This is the very same Teak deck on which General Douglas stood to witness the Japanese surrender on September 2, 1945, ending World War II. 

Oahu craftsman Dewey painstakingly carves these Teak pendants in the shapes of hooks used by early Hawaiians. 

Sales of these Teak pendants support the vital work of the USS Missouri Memorial Association.  All USS Missouri Teak fishhook pendants come with an adjustable cord necklace.

*Promo discounts exclude original paintings by any artist; all USS Missouri items; Mikel; Magick; Bezak; Daniel Moe; Heather Brown giclees; Walfrido giclees; Tsumoto boxes; Francisco Clemente; Don Slocum; all 14K Gold Chains