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Helen Turner

Helen Turner

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“I recently told my Mom that I finally found what I want to do for the rest of my life. I want to paint, and paint and paint some more! I can't deny it, I'm in love with the medium! All those colors just waiting to be picked up and applied and no solvents or brush clean up!

”Growing up in East Hampton, New York, my original painting medium was oils my mother gave me. I loved mixing paint and worked on large canvases of seashell still-lifes and landscapes. I sold a few, but couldn't get into any venues other then guilds and member shows.

“I attended Queens College in New York City and began traveling with the money I made playing music (another story altogether!). Kauai was a surfing vacation where I fell in love with the tropics and never went home.

”My years here on Kauai have been crazy, with marriage and kids and making a living (still playing music), and hurricanes. In 2003, I discovered some NuPastels in an old box and started drawing again. I became hooked on pastels and now confesses to being obsessed with pastel painting "en plein air" with a limited palette, limited time and light. I'll try anything: a crowd scene, a see-through green wave, a pelican... The more you paint, the better you get!”