Moonrise Over Waimea by Helen Turner

Moonrise Over Waimea by Helen Turner


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"On the west side of Kauai, the moon rises over the Waimea Pier early in the evening. I painted this on panel, which has a smooth finish."

Although Helen Turner grew up in East Hampton, New York, she fell in love with Hawaii during a surfing vacation and never left. In her own words, “My years in Kauai have been crazy with marriage, kids, playing music and …hurricanes.”

Helen originally painted with oils. Then, she discovered her love of pastels. She now confesses to being obsessed with pastel painting "en plein air" with a limited palette, limited time and light.

Besides painting, Helen enjoys playing the flute and bringing cool jazz to her island home. Helen believes art is a gift from God that keeps on giving.


  • Dimensions: 9"W x 12"H
  • Oil Painting

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