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Guide to Buying a Wood Watch

The biggest trend in wrist watches is the wood watch. There are several companies that now offer wood watches online and in retail stores. Many of them look cool, but buyer beware! There are lots of imitators that do not sell a reliable time piece worth the investment. Here’s what you need to keep in mind when buying a wooden watch.

Guide to Buying a Wood Watch

1. Be sure the watch is made from solid, sustainable wood. The links on a wood watch should be carved from solid woods like maple, ili-ahi, sandalwood, purple heart or Koa. Beware of steel watches that merely have a veneer of wood glued on top. Go for a solid wood watch

2. The movement should be premium quality. The best movements used in wood watches are made by a reputable watch company like Citizen. If the retailer cannot verify that their wood watches have a premium movement, choose one that does.

3. A wood watch must be stylish. Many novice companies create wood watches that look are clunky and bulky. These cheap wood watches look like something Fred Flintstone would wear. You need to find a reputable company that features a wide variety of wood watches for men and women in all different styles.

4. Your watch must have a clear warranty. If you buy a wood watch with no warranty, you have no place to turn if it needs servicing.

5. The wood watch must be fully adjustable to fit your wrist. Some companies say that their wood watches are made to be worn loose, and should not be adjusted to your writs size. Baloney! That means the watch is cheaply made and cannot be adjusted. Choose a wood watch from a reputable company that is fully adjustable to fit any size wrist.

One of the finest companies to feature their own wood watches is Martin & MacArthur.  Martin & MacArthur is the longest-standing company in Hawaii known for its fine Koa furniture and Wood personal accessories. This company stands by their wood watches and offers over 50 different styles, including their newest self-winding, automatic wood watch made from Hawaii Koa wood. 

Be smart in choosing your wood watch and enjoy the time!