How to Care for Your Wood Watch

Wood watches have never been more popular.  Today, fashionable men and women from Maine to Maui are wearing wood watches.  There are lots of reputable companies selling wood watches like Martin & MacArthur and Tense, so be sure go don’t get a cheap timepiece from a company with just a few styles that look like they belong at Toys-R-Us.

How to Care for Your Wood Watch

People often ask, how do I care for my new wood watch?  The answers will be good news to anyone wondering about how to keep a wood watch looking good and working well.

Wood watches need no polishing.  Unlike wood furniture, you do not need to apply any special polish onto your wood watch.  The best wood watches are already oiled multiple times to bring out their rich colors.  The wood watch interacts with the oils of the skin when worn, making the wood look even better.  Over time, your wood watch will get a rich patina, somewhat shiny, like a well-polished piece of furniture. The wood gets more beautiful with normal wear. No polishing necessary!

Do not apply any oils or furniture polishes to your wood watch.  These furniture polishes like Pledge or Fantastik can potentially get into the crown of the watch and may affect the movement.  Bottom line, just wear a wood watch and no polishing is necessary.

Wood watches should be worn frequently.  Some people think a wood watch is only for special occasions and should not be worn all the time.  On the contrary, the more you wear your wood watch, the better it will look.  The wood will continue to develop an even richer patina with wear.  Fine wood watches are made with Koa wood, grown only in Hawaii.  Koa watches look the best, because the rich color of this Hawaiian wood gets richer with wear.

Some people put on their wood watch as soon as they get up in the morning.  Other people go to sleep wearing their wood watch.  No matter how long you wear your wood watch each day, it will be comfortable because the wood against your skin will breathe and not overheat. 

Wood watches are not water proof.  Wood watches should not be submerged under water because wood is an organic material that will be affected if immersed in water.  Please do not swim or shower while wearing your wood watch.  Granted, some of the movements in wood watches are water proof, but the wood links on the bands generally are not. Good news, the best wood watches are splash resistant. Therefore, you do not have to worry if you are wearing your watch in a sudden rain or when washing your hands.

Most wood watches have fine quartz battery movements. The battery needs to be replaced after 1-2 years of use, just like any quartz watch.  Simply take the wood watch to any watch repair shop that replaces batteries.  Do not try to replace the battery yourself.  All the batteries look the same and a watch needs just the right size.  Of course, the best wood watches are automatic and self-winding.  Martin & MacArthur is the only company with an automatic, self-winding watch that activates with movement.  This premium watch has a sapphire crystal and a precision 21-jewel movement.  This is truly the finest wood watch on the market today.


 Written by Michael Tam, an avid collector of fine wood watches and a guy that appreciates beautiful wood craftsmanship.