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Innovative New Wood Watch Styles in Moon Phase and Mother of Pearl

For the style-conscious, having a wood watch is no longer good enough. There are lots of cheap looking wood watches that look like Playskool toy watches we buy for our kids. Or, some wood watches made by new companies look like something Fred Flintstone would wear bowling.

Innovative New Wood Watch Styles in Moon Phase and Mother of Pearl

Be sure there are a wide variety of styles at the company making the wood watch. If the company has less than a dozen different styles or less, then it is not a serious timepiece maker. Their products cannot be guaranteed to work.

Look for exotic woods, more than simply sandalwood watch. Almost all the wood watches these days are made from sandalwood. The more desirable wood is Koa, which grows only in Hawaii. This beautiful wood has luminous dark brown and red grain patterns.

Look for innovative design in a wood watch. The shape of the watch should be fit comfortably on your wrist. Today, the most innovative wood watches have interesting designs such as mother of pearl faces. The iridescence of the face catches light in different colors.

Other innovative wood watch designs are made with multi-function dials including moon phase. The Martin & MacArthur Moon Phase wood watch lets you keep track of the changing moon each month.

But, the best wood watch is now self-winding and automatic. There is only once company that makes a self-winding wood watch – Martin & MacArthur. This automatic wood watch has a 21-jewel movement that winds with the movement of the wrist. It has a see-through skeleton face to let you watch the inner movement of the watch.

Be smart when you buy a wood watch. Choose innovative designs made with exotic woods like Koa.


Written by Michael Tam, who collects beautiful wood watches as a hobby. His current collection numbers over 15 different wood watch styles, many from renowned maker Martin & MacArthur.