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Oprah Winfrey Home in Hawaii

When it comes to buying land and a house, Oprah is no stranger to the Hawaiian island of Maui. She has a ranch on the island and has turned it into an impressive vacation home.

Several million dollars have been spent on her property, and she has expanded it into 12 different structures, according to SFGate. She is the largest landowner on Maui, and has a long-standing connection with the island.

She is also a big supporter of local farmers, and recently started a farm on her Maui property. The farm uses regenerative agriculture and has 100 species of vegetables, herbs and fruits growing on it, she wrote in her magazine.

Oprah has been a part-time Maui resident for 15 years and has filmed her hiking in the area with her friend Gayle King, according to KITV4. The latest purchase brings her land holdings on the island to almost 1,000 acres.

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Oprah's purchase is reportedly zoned for mixed agricultural use, KITV4 reported.Oprah has owned a home in Montecito, California for over 20 years and has properties throughout the world, including Illinois, Florida, Washington state, Colorado and Hawaii. Her latest land and home purchase on Maui is a sign of her continued dedication to the island. She has shown her love for Hawaii through her photos and videos on social media.