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14" Aqua Platter by Marian Fieldson
14" Aqua Platter by Marian Fieldson

14" Aqua Platter by Marian Fieldson


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Hawaii artist Marian Fieldson creates striking glass sculptures inspired by the flowing lava near her Big Island home. Marian makes molds of lava and fills them with shards, powders and threads of special glass. She kiln fires the glass pieces until they fuse together into a single creation.

Back in 1989, Marian had a vision of fusing glass into the ruddy texture of lava. This vision motivated her to move to Hawaii and settle in the Puna rainforest. Today, Marian’s house is only a few miles from the active Kilauea volcano. Please use your glass dishes, they will hand wash. Note they are not microwave safe, though.


  • Approx. 14" round platter
  • Colors and designs vary


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