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Freeform Koa Slab Bed

Freeform Koa Slab Bed


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Our Hawaii craftsmen design Koa beds with free form Koa slab headboards and floating platforms.  Each Koa Slab bed is distinct and one-of-a-kind, depending on the beautiful Koa wood we harvest from previously fallen trees. Rest assured that Martin & MacArthur never cuts down any live Koa trees. We never use Koa from trees cut down.   

Our Koa slab headboards are made with 1-2 slabs of solid Koa wood, about 3-inches thick, making this a heavy and substantial bed. The mattress platform is elevated by a hidden base underneath, giving the appearance that the platform is “floating.” 

Martin & MacArthur prides itself on being the longest-running Koa furniture company in the history of Hawaii. For three generations and over 60 years, we have created fine Koa furniture with our private stock of Koa harvested only from previously fallen trees.  We are a leader in Koa reforestation for future generations to enjoy.  We never support planting or faming Koa to be cut down.  We believe live Koa trees should never be cut down.  Ever since our founder Jon Martin started the company, we only use Koa from previously fallen trees.



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