Below the Mountain by Christian Snedeker

Below the Mountain by Christian Snedeker


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Kaupo Maui is featured in the Christian Snedeker painting, “Below the Mountain.”

An Andrew Wyeth retrospective at Boston Museum ignited Christian’s passion for the power of painting to convey spirit and feeling. As a classically trained artist at the Boston Museum School or Art, Christian stoked his fervor for painting.

Christian’s art evokes his deep appreciation for the beauty of our world so often taken for granted. He believes his work is a journey toward deeper meaning and greater awareness. “I don't think any artist ever arrives at his destination; it is the journey that matters.”

Christian now splits his time between homes in Hawaii and South Carolina.


Original Painting

  • 19" x 12"
  • Custom Framed
  • Price includes custom strong box/crate for shipping purposes


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