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Bronze Sculpture "Aloha" by Jose Munoz
Bronze Sculpture "Aloha" by Jose Munoz
Bronze Sculpture "Aloha" by Jose Munoz

Bronze Sculpture "Aloha" by Jose Munoz


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Craftsman Jose Munoz creates beautiful bronze sculptures of hummingbirds on flowers. He artfully captures these winged creatures in flight or perched on thin branches. Brilliant patinas are individually applied to each bronze sculpture.

Jose’s passion for sculpting started as a young boy when he would use the extra dough from his mother’s cooking to sculpt. He also loved to run outside when it was raining to make the mud, his “clay,” into animal figures and play with them until they became dry and crumbled.

Although he had no formal training, he has been drawn to sculpting because of his inner need to create. He followed his passion for art while working at a Fine Art Foundry where he continued to hone his artistic skills. He was inspired while working with many talented artists. “I love the feelings of freedom and joy that I get during the process and completion of a Hummingbird sculpture.”


  • Approx. 7" L x 4.5" W x 3.25" H


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