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Diamond head from Magic Island by Mark Brown

Diamond head from Magic Island by Mark Brown


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Mark Brown lives and works in his Kalihi Valley home which was a base for an artist colony in the 1920's. Born and raised in Hawaii, Mark has always been an artist at heart. He has been painting "en plein air" (outdoors) for the last 10 years.

He enjoys capturing on canvas the magic of everyday moments of life in Hawaii.  While Hawaii’s beaches and mountains are always favorite subjects, Mark has a passion of painting life well lived, including delightful glimpses into Honolulu’s Chinatown, the vibrant Kaka’aoko waterfront, and local hang-outs in Haleiwa.  In a recent collection, Mark highlights the serenity of Hula shared by young and old alike.

As Mark’s style continues to evolve, he has emerged from a realistic style with detailed strokes and precision to more a deliberate, assertive style akin to his personal version of Kama’aina Impressionism.

Mark has also evolved from his initial desire to finish a painting "ala prima" (in one setting). Now, Mark allows his subject matter to breathe and emerge across days of oil on canvas.  Mark generously shares his skill by teaching drawing classes at Chaminade University and the University of Hawaiʻi Mānoa Outreach College.


 Diamond head from Magic Island 36" x 18"

Oil on canvas

Framed in Koa