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Duke Sandstone Coaster – Duke in Breaststroke

Duke Sandstone Coaster – Duke in Breaststroke


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The Hawaii craftsmen of Martin & MacArthur designed sandstone coasters using authentic black and white pictures of Duke Kananamoku and applying hues reflective of the hand-tinting so popular when Duke was in his prime.   

Duke Kahanamoku (1890 –1968) was the world-renowned champion Hawaiian swimmer who popularized the sport of surfing.  magnetic charm and friendly demeanor earned him the title “Ambassador of Aloha.”  At the age of 21, Duke won his first Olympic gold medal at the Olympic Games in Antwerp. He went on to represent the United States in the Olympics for 20 years, winning four Olympic medals and the hearts of people all over the world. A native Hawaiian, Duke was born to a minor noble family less than three years before the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom. He lived to see the territory's admission as a state, and became a United States citizen.

Surfing his trademark 16-foot, 114-pound koa wood board, Duke cut a commanding presence with the legendary accomplishments to back it up. He once rode a monster wave for 1-1/8 miles across Waikiki Beach, the longest ride in modern times. Duke also heroically rescued eight of the men from a capsized boat in 1925.  Duke is remembered as a swimmer and surfer, not just for remarkable speed, but for his grace in the water, his good humor, and his sportsmanship.

 Made in Hawaii by Martin & MacArthur under license from Duke Kahanamoku Ltd.


  • Sandstone Coaster
  • Approx. 4" L x 4" W x .25" H


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