Eternity Ring - Curved Maile
Eternity Ring - Curved Maile

Eternity Ring - Curved Maile


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Martin & MacArthur Koa Eternity rings are made a continuous band of Koa from our private stock.  This band of Koa does not have a beginning nor an end. It goes on continuously, for an eternity.  Early Hawaiian believed that Koa symbolizes the strength of love and commitment. Martin & MacArthur only uses Koa from previously fallen trees. We never cut down any live Koa trees.  The Company’s commitment to sustainability helps ensure Koa will continue to thrive in Hawaii for all eternity.

Martin & MacArthur craftsmen hand-select the finest of Koa for our rings. We only choose Koa with fluttering, curly grain pattern that reflect light at every angle.

The Cobalt Chrome is plated with 14K Yellow Gold and Rhodium to create the lustrous colors of our Curved Maile Ring. The Maile leaf pattern is engraved into the 14K Gold plating. In Hawaii, the maile lei is noted for its rarity and considered by many to be the finest of all leis. It is known to many as the “lei of royalty,” given to signify respect and honor. Maile is a native Hawaiian vine, with shiny fragrant leaves, is a member of the periwinkle family, and is also associated with Laka, the goddess of Hula.

Our eternity rings have a one year warranty from any manufacturer's defects. This warranty does not cover damage due to everyday wear and tear or dropping the ring.


  • 6mm width only available up to size 8.5mm
  • Cobalt Chrome
  • 14K Yellow Gold and Rhodium plated
  • Maile leaf pattern


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