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Greeting Card "My Little Bird" by Tim Nguyen
Greeting Card "My Little Bird" by Tim Nguyen

Greeting Card "My Little Bird" by Tim Nguyen


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Martin & MacArthur greeting cards feature the paintings of the renowned artists in our galleries.  We are proud to promote contemporary local Hawaii artists who capture the beauty of Hawaii in their own special way.  Each card is blank inside so that it can be used for any occasion.  All cards come with an envelop for you convenience.

Tim Nguyen was always interested in art as a child. Ever since he can remember, painting has been his favorite form of expression.  After a visit to the Hawaiian Islands in 2001, Tim was so inspired and he decided to move to the island of Oahu.  Art took a back seat as Tim’s first job in Hawaii was a taxi driver.  

But, Tim remained committed to his art.  He received encouragement showing his work at the Honolulu Zoo Fence on a Sunday afternoons.  After early success, Tim parked his taxi for good and began painting full time. Tim paints with his power of emotion. This energy is apparent in his work.

Tim’s passion for painting has lead him to many places around the world, including trips back to his roots in Vietnam where he created and currently manages a lacquer painting factory.

Tim uses an ancient Vietnamese lacquer technique derived from the clear sap of six species of trees. Tim applies natural vegetable dyes to create vivid colors in the clear lacquer sap. Then, Tim coats an artboard with 10 layers of different lacquer colors. He rubs and polishes the surface to get to the color he wants to show. Tim’s most popular items are hand-painted wood lamps made by protégés in his art studio.


  • Dimension:  5” x 7”
  • Blank inside
  • Envelop included