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Koa Bracelet – Narrow, Rhodium Plated
Koa Bracelet – Narrow, Rhodium Plated
Koa Bracelet – Narrow, Rhodium Plated

Koa Bracelet – Narrow, Rhodium Plated


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Martin & MacArthur Koa bracelets are made with our private stock of Koa, sustainably harvested from fallen Koa trees on the Big Island.  Our Hawaii craftsmen are proud to never use Koa harvested from live trees.  We hand-select dark, curly Koa from naturally-fallen trees in private plantations on the Big Island. 


Koa is the most-prized wood in Hawaii. It was the wood used by the warriors of King Kamehameha, the Great, to create canoes and weapons to unite the Hawaiian Islands.  Through the ages, early Hawaiians used Koa to carve bowls, utensils and even long board canoes, made popular by Olympic champion Duke Kahanamoku. Martin & MacArthur craftsmen have built Koa furniture in Hawaii for over 60 years – longer than anyone else in the history of Hawaii.


Our Koa bracelets can be adjusted by our associates in any of our Hawaii stores. Alternately, our Koa bracelets can be adjusted by a reputable fine jeweler in your area.  Please do not attempt to adjust this bracelet yourself. If you do, any damage to the screws or Koa links will void our warranty.


Treat our Koa bracelets like fine Hawaiian jewelry. Our Koa bracelets cannot be worn in water, including swimming in beaches or pools.  Our Koa bracelets must be removed before showering or rigorous activity such as gardening or strenuous exercise. Any damage to our Koa bracelets evidenced by misuse will void our warranty.


With proper care, your Koa bracelet will continue to look beautiful and provide a lifetime of satisfaction.



10mm (0.43") W x 200mm (7.5") L