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Nagasako Building at Sunset by Brandon Kralik, framed

Nagasako Building at Sunset by Brandon Kralik, framed


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Bradon Kralik became fascinated with the sea from an early age when his  grandfather explained how thundershowers and winter snowstorms were the result of water evaporating from the sea, blowing east over the Rocky Mountains. Through these early sessions, Kralik began to understand and appreciate the importance of the sea and its interconnectedness to our lives.

After attending WSC in Colorado and Hunter College in New York City, Kralik sought new inspiration in the arts traveling across the US, Europe, Africa and India, inspiring him to explore different mediums such as printmaking, ceramics and animation. Painting became his preferred form of artistic expression. It is through this medium he depicts his still life, land and seascapes.

Kralik lives in Maui now, and paints directly from his blessed life in Hawaii. He also paints in his studios in Stockholm and Colorado. The sea is a constant companion and seeps into the motifs he creates from what he sees in his mind’s eye.

In a new series of paintings Brandon Kralik invites us to enjoy memories of Lahaina. Having lived in Lahaina and exhibited on Front Street for many years, Brandon gives us a warm reflection of Lahaina through his personal portrayal of the town we all love and miss.


Nagasako Building at Sunset, framed  40" x 30"


oil on canvas