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Original Painting: Acrylic on Koa: Island Sun by Walfrido Garcia

Original Painting: Acrylic on Koa: Island Sun by Walfrido Garcia


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Hawaii artist Walfrido is best known for passionate seascape paintings amidst the evocative settings of Hawaii’s majestic mountains and boundless skies.

Walfrido paints in a style of “Romantic Luminism.” He creates a sense of eminent grandeur to Hawaii’s natural settings. Each painting starts out as a loose impressionistic idea. Details are revealed with each layer of paint. From up close you can see the rhythm of his brush strokes, but when you take a step back the eye blends them all into a harmonious tapestry of light, color and texture. Ultimately, Walfrido’s paintings glow with light reminiscent of the Old Masters.

Each painting plays upon the quality of light whether it is a romantic moonlight, a brilliant sunset, the sea caves of Kauai or the awe-inspiring glow of his signature “Lavascapes“. Its as if each canvas is alive with the brilliant light of nature coming from within.

Walfrido, son of renowned artist Edgardo F Garcia, was born in the Philippines in 1966. Watching his father teach art and paint made Walfrido eager to follow in his footsteps. He drew everything from airplanes to comic strip characters. By the time he was 17, Walfrido was teaching his own art classes and hanging his art in Carmel galleries.


  • Original Painting
  • Approx. 8" L x 1.5" W x 10" H
  • Acrylic on Koa
  • Custom Framed in Curly Koa
  • Price includes custom strong box/crate for shipping purposes


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