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Original Painting: Crescent Moon by Rodel Gonzalez

Original Painting: Crescent Moon by Rodel Gonzalez


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Rodel Gonzalez is a nationally recognized artist with a keen eye for seeing beauty in the commonplace and grace in the ordinary. By age nine, Rodel had a passion for painting inspired by his father, Rick Gonzalez, who taught him to be 100% sure about his intentions with the first stroke of a new painting. Rodel has a lifelong love for the arts, which ignites his desire to pursue new applications of color, form, and composition in his paintings.

Today, Rodel creates a collection for fine art inspired is love for Hawaii and the romantic spirit of the Islands. Exclusively at Martin & MacArthur.


Original Painting

  • 16x40
  • Price includes custom strong box/crate for shipping


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