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Original Painting: Thunder of Aquamarine Waters by George Eguchi

Original Painting: Thunder of Aquamarine Waters by George Eguchi


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A lifelong native of Hawaii, George Eguchi shares an innate love for his island home through his artwork. His paintings portray true, believable colors,  manifesting the spirit of nature as the day unfolds. Magical moments hidden in the mist, mountains shrouded in clouds with sun-kissed valleys.

Eguchi uses oil paints applied with a single palette knife. A stroke of the knife or a subtle change in pressure will mix and lay the colors on my canvas with different results.  Although  his paintings seem simple and straight-forward, they are rendered with chromatic complexity, laboriously depicting color, composition and nuances of light balanced with shadow..

“I have always been drawn to the creative process. I love coming up with something new that captures a thought, a feeling, or a fleeting image in my mind.  Painting for me is like meditation.  You have to be fully in the moment. I love how the creative process so often produces delightful surprises for me.

I love the contrast of bold strokes of the knife shrouded by an ethereal mist.  I want my paintings to convey a certain mood or feeling while at the same time leaving room to be filled by the imagination of the viewer.”


  • Original Oil on Canvas
  • Approx. 24" W x 18" H x 1.5" D
  • Custom Framed in Mahogany with Pecan finish
  • Price includes custom strong box/crate for shipping purposes


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