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Original Pastel Painting "Keokea Nocturne" by Michael Clements 18x12

Original Pastel Painting "Keokea Nocturne" by Michael Clements 18x12


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Michael Clements can be found outdoors almost every day painting the beautiful landscapes of his home in Maui. His work is influenced by the first plein air artists of late 19th century Italy.  “Being an artist means learning how to see light and color in its constantly changing states. It is high drama that gets my heart pounding from the thought of being able to ‘catch it.’ ”

Michael paints with Pastel. In the art world, Pastel does not refer to pale colors, as the word is commonly used in cosmetic and fashion industries.  Pastel is pure, powdered pigment that is ground into a paste and rolled into sticks. The infinite variety of colors in the Pastel palette range from soft and subtle to hard and brilliant. The Pastel medium originated in the 15th century and was taught to Leonardo da Vinci by French artist Jean Perreal.

Michael applies masterful stokes of Pastel sticks to acid-free, premium-sanded archival paper.  Michael protects his paintings under glass and he does not use any spray fixatives. Pastel color are arguably more vivid and longer-lasting than oil paint because Pastel does not contain any oils that invariably yellow over time. 

Michael Clements moved to Maui over 25 years ago after pursuing a career as a proto type machinist, horticulturalist, landscape contractor, and nurseryman. Through it all, Michael never lost his passion for painting that was kindled by his great-grandmother.


  • Dimensions: 18"W x 12"H
  • Pastel painting on acid-free, premium-sanded archival paper
  • All original paintings come framed and under glass

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Price includes a custom strong box to ship artwork.