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Rain, Surf and Rocks by Hiroshi Tagami

Rain, Surf and Rocks by Hiroshi Tagami


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Hiroshi Tagami (1928-2014) is one of Hawaii’s most revered painters. Throughout his life, Hiroshi evoked deep spirituality that seemed inseparable from his creativity. He would say, “Art is what life is all about.”

Hiroshi labored in Hawaii’s pineapple fields from age 12 to help his widowed mother raise a dozen children. After serving in the Korean War, Hiroshi returned to Hawaii to study painting at the Honolulu Academy of Arts. He first started selling his work at the Honolulu Zoo fence. In 1966, established artistic luminary Madge Tennent, wrote of Hiroshi: "I would humbly like to predict that he will be one of the greatest artists these Islands have yet produced."


Canvas Giclee

  • 17" x 10"
  • 34" x 20"
  • 48" x 28"
  • Framed in Koa for additional fee
  • Prices include custom strong box/crate for shipping purposes


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