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Royal Pineapple Ornament -- Green

Royal Pineapple Ornament -- Green


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Martin & MacArthur craftsmen designed Royal Pineapple ornaments to provide a gracious Hawaiian accent to any Christmas tree.  In Hawaii, the pineapple symbolizes aloha and hospitality. This luscious fruit reflects  generosity and a welcoming spirit.

In the southern United States, the pineapple represents warm hospitality and celebration among friends and family. In the 16th century, Europe’s royal houses paid thousands in today’s money for just one pineapple to display as the centerpiece at their tables. It was the ultimate symbol of wealth and was christened the “King of Fruit.”

Our craftsmen chose to adorn the symbol of aloha with special colors meaningful in Hawaii, including Regal Monarch Gold, Lehua Red, Puakenikeni Yellow, Plumeria Pink, Mango Orange, and Nene Grey.

Pacific Blue Mountain


Dimensions:  2-1/4”D x 3-3/4”H
Casted Resin
Individually hand-painted


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