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Upcountry Spring by Roman Czerwinski

Upcountry Spring by Roman Czerwinski


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Beginning in his early teen years, Roman Czerwinski enjoyed exploring museums and art galleries in his native Poland and other European art centers. Roman was greatly inspired by the works of French impressionist, 19th Century Masters such as the Polish painter Jan Matejko. The political climate and search for true freedom forced Roman to flee Poland just before he was to graduate from the University.

Roman immigrated to the United States. When he arrived on Maui, Roman was inspired by the lush colors, and the majestic Hawaiian sunsets, the vivid contrast of the blue against the rainbow skies, and black lava rock against lush tropical foliage. Gray tones of socialist oppression were exchanged for a full palette of color when he became a self taught artist. Roman believes his artistic ability is a gift from God. He began by painting the beauty of nature up close.

Roman's work started as realism and now represents his own interpretation of modern impressionism. He loves to paint with a palette knife. He is most fascinated with a study of light effects which is well visible in his work. His paintings are bold, rich in color and texture as a result of each stroke. Roman Czerwinskiʻs paintings were chosen for the Polish Consulates in Los Angeles, Chicago, and the Embassy in  Washington DC.


Upcountry Spring 36" x 24"