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"Waldo's Coffee" Marquetry Wall Art by Paul Schurch

"Waldo's Coffee" Marquetry Wall Art by Paul Schurch


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Paul Schurch learned furniture making from an aging Italian master, who took in apprentices to ensure fine marquetry would survive to a new generation. For years, Paul traveled back to Italy for focused periods of tutelage with other masters, honing his abilities to start his own business. Marquetry is the art of covering a surface of wood with artistically rendered veneers. A picture or motif could easily be composed of thousands of separate pieces of wood.

Paul combines the traditional and the new. “I am deeply indebted to classical styles of marquetry, but love to incorporate new ideas in my work.”

This mural is all about a story of coffee from Hawaii.  This marquetry wall piece is rendered using mango for the pre-roast colored beans, koa borders and gold over brass corners on a toon wood shadowbox frame. The panel is curved for structural support, making the piece strong, and lightweight, (35 lb.) The surprisingly delightful effect was the chatoyant grain shimmer of mango on a curve. Altering the grain direction of each coffee bean and charring edges of selected inlays creates the illusion of depth. If you can find it, The panel is divided into three identical of 808 bean shapes making up the pattern, where Waldo seeks his path.


  • Koa, Mango, Toon Woods with gold plated brass corners.
  • Approx. 84” W x 34” H x 3.5” D 
  • Price includes custom shipping crate


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