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Welcome to the Family by Rob Kaz
Welcome to the Family by Rob Kaz

Welcome to the Family by Rob Kaz


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Rob grew up surfing and skating in New Jersey. He enjoyed painting and drawing as a hobby that he admits helped him overcome shyness and talk to girls. Although he graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice, Rob’s first job was in animation and video game art, which spurred him to pursue his passion for art and oil painting.

Rob’s love for using characters and light to tell a story are evident in every one of his paintings.

"I want people to be happy when they look at my work, so I create stories that personally make me smile or laugh. But I also want people to notice the technical side of my paintings. I put a lot of emphasis on lighting, composition and color when I paint. I think all of these aspects ultimately play a factor in deciding the emotional outcome of a finished painting."

When he paints, Rob imagines "places he'd rather be" and he imagines "friends along the way." Both are recurring themes and have organically resulted in two aptly named collections of work.


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