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Our Koa Eternity Rings are made with our own private stock of Koa from the Big Island and TUNGSTEN, the hardest metal in the world.  Tungsten is so hard and dense that it never dulls or scratches.  Tungsten offers a brilliant shine that lasts forever and never needs polishing, unlike cheap metal alloys like titanium.
We hand-select the finest Koa from private plantations on the Kona side and the Hilo side of the Big Island. We look for Koa with extraordinary curl and figured grain.  Koa grows only in Hawaii.  Koa is the only wood in the world with a fluttering curl pattern that runs counter to the grain.  This curl seems to jump off the wood and creates an undulating wavy pattern that seems 3D.  Because we have been making fine Koa furniture longer than any other company in Hawaii, we are the experts in finding the best Koa.
Our Koa Eternity Rings come in a variety of different styles, an widths for men and women.
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