Hiroshi Tagami - Hawaii Artist

Like many of his contemporaries, Hawaii artist Hiroshi Tagami labored in the pineapple fields as a child. After he returned home from the Korean War, the GI Bill gave Hiroshi the chance to attend the Honolulu Academy of Arts and study painting. His work soon drew attention and he began selling his paintings at the Honolulu Zoo fence.

He met Richard Hart, a gifted ceramist and business partner. Together, they created a horticulturist's paradise in Kahaluu Valley that became a place of healing and art for them both. This one-acre garden, filled with rare plants and animals (including a lion in those days), remains an artistic statement to this day

Hiroshi's paintings evoke the mystical qualities of Hawai'i and his deep spiritual connection with the islands. His work is rich in texture and color. He captured the subtle, magical nuances of beauty in the seascapes and landscapes of Hawaii.

Another wonderful chapter in Tagami's life began when he reconnected with his art protege and, later life partner, Michael Powell. The younger Powell had been interested in art since he was a young boy, but didn't think of it as a career. While working for a Honolulu bank, Powell was always inspired by Tagami's art style. Soon after the two reconnected, Powell left his job at the bank and began a lifelong passion for painting being mentored by Hiroshi, while also doing the business end of the enterprise.

Powell said he felt a calling to pursue a career painting, and Tagami encouraged him. Powell eventually had his first art show in 1988, where 19 of his 21 paintings sold. It turned into a full-fledged art career for him.

Both Hiroshi Tagami and Michael Powell have a long-shared legacy and are considered among the best artists in Hawaii. Their work has been exhibited and purchased by a wide variety of collectors worldwide, and they have donated countless paintings to Hawaii charities. Today, the paintings of Michael Powell and limited edition reproductions of Hiroshi Tagami are available exclusively at Martin & MacArthur.  www.martinandmacarthur.com.