Koa Makes the Perfect Gift for Mother’s Day

Martin & MacArthur has been making fine Koa furniture in Hawaii for over 50 years. Today, the company creates personal accessories from Koa wood, as well. Martin & MacArthur creates the only solid Koa wood watches. The beautiful grain pattern and color of Koa shows off wonderfully in these wood watches. Each watch is made with a premium quartz movement to ensure timekeeping accuracy. The links and casing are hand-carved using the Company’s private stock of dark, rich Koa wood from the Big Island.

Koa Makes the Perfect Gift for Mother’s Day

Choose from over 25 different styles of Koa wood watches in all sizes. No matter if you are shopping for a larger, chunky watch or a smaller petit watch, the Company has the perfect design. Some styles of Koa watches have Mother of Pearl faces or Moon Phase dials. Martin & MacArthur recently created the only self-winding, automatic wood watch. The mechanical movement boasts 21-jewel accuracy with a see-through skeleton face. Don’t settle for a metal watch, when you can give Mom a solid Koa wood watch this year.

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to get Mom a Koa Eternity Ring, made with dark, curly Koa. Be sure you get a Koa ring with a tungsten bezel, not cheap, lightweight titanium. Tungsten is truly the hardest metal in the world, so it always stays shiny and never scratches or dulls. On the other hand, titanium is a lightweight alloy that scratches easily and dulls within a few weeks. Martin & MacArthur has seven different styles of Koa-Tungsten Rings in a complete range of sizes. The company’s most popular styles of Koa ring combine with Paua Shell from the Pacific. Another style is called Hapa, the Hawaiian word meaning “half,” because it features a combination of dark and light Koa woods, together in one ring.

Any woman would love a beautiful Koa wood jewelry box, made in Hawaii by the finest craftsmen. Some Koa boxes have sliding trays and hidden drawers. Other Koa boxes have multiple drawers and separate divided compartments for earrings, pendants and necklaces. Martin & MacArthur features the widest selection of Koa boxes in the world, all made in Hawaii. Some styles show beautiful marquetry wood inlays that create images of flowers from various colors of exotic wood. You don’t have to spend a lot of money go get a beautiful Koa box. These boxes start at only $169.

Of course, almost any woman loves jewelry. Why not get a pendant or bracelet that is handcrafted with Koa wood. Martin & MacArthur is the leader in high quality jewelry made with its private stock of Koa wood. Rest assured, Koa jewelry is not akin to tribal bangles and beads. The Company has elegant Koa bracelets and pendants mixed with semi-precious jewels and fresh water pearls. When looking on our site you are sure to find several pieces of jewelry mom will like and wear often – all at surprisingly affordable prices.

Of course, the ultimate gift for any mother would be a solid Koa rocking chair. Martin & MacArthur has been making Koa rocking chairs longer than anyone else in the history of Hawaii. In fact, the Company’s founder Jon Martin started the business by designing the rocking chair that is still the Company’s best seller. The Martin rocking chairs are made with beautiful Koa wood harvested from private plantations on the Big Island particularly for use in these prized chairs.

This is not your grandmother’s rocking chair! The Martin rocking chairs are perfectly balanced and almost rock automatically when you sit down. More importantly, it’s easy to get out of this perfectly proportioned rocking chair, without feeling like it is going to tip over. That’s balance!

This Mother’s Day, give Mom something she will really cherish – a gift made from beautiful Koa wood from Hawaii.


By Michael Tam, a writer in Hawaii that has been buying special Mother’s Day gifts for over 50 years.