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The Best Mother’s Day Gifts are Hand-Crafted – Wood Watches

Mom always said, “Make something with your own hands.”  Well, if you’re like me, the best thing you can make on your own is dinner reservations.

With Mother’s Day coming up soon, the best gift is something hand-made by skilled craftsmen.  Individually hand-crafted gifts show more care and thought than something made in a factory.

Best Mother’s Day Gifts are Hand-Crafted – Wood Watches

The best gift this Mother’s Day is a solid wood watch, designed by craftsmen in Hawaii and made with woods grown and harvested in the United States.  Martin & MacArthur has a long-standing reputation as the premier fine furniture maker in Hawaii.  Today, the company also makes innovative personal accessories such as solid Koa watches, made with wood harvested from dead trees on the Big Island.  Chose from over 125 varieties in all sizes and shapes. There’s sure to be a solid wood watch perfect for a Mother’s Day gift and for you, too.   The ultimate Koa watch is a self-winding, automatic watch with no battery.  The see-through face allows you to look straight through the watch and see the gears moving.  Made with a premium sapphire crystal and a solid state 21-jewel movement.

Mom will enjoy Martin & MacArthur Koa wood watches made with silver or gold faces and even mother of pearl from the Pacific Ocean.  The Martin & MacArthur wood watches are guaranteed to be made in North America, not some factory in East Asia.  Frankly, find out where your watch is made.  Beware of cheap wood watches made in China. They have no guarantees on workmanship or movement.

If your Mom has a love of jewelry, the most innovative jewelry is now made with solid Koa wood gemstones.  Again, the craftsmen of Martin & MacArthur carve Koa gemstones from their private stock of Koa from the Big Island.  These Koa cabochons are set in beautiful castings.  After all, this is fine Koa jewelry.  You won’t find Koa jewelry in a mass department store because Koa grows only in Hawaii.  Big retailers like Macy’s or Kohl’s just can’t afford to create and ship fine Koa jewelry grown in Hawaii and made with Hawaii’s most beautiful wood.  Martin & MacArthur has complete Koa jewelry collections in Alii Gold, Lehua Red, Pacific Blue, and Vanda Orchid purple.  You’re sure to find a necklace or bracelet she will love.

Many mothers have a desire to be both functional and stylish.  Growing up, I was always warned, “Don’t bring something in the house that will just gather dust.  What does it do?”  Fear not.  When mom sees a gift made of Koa wood or a Koa wood iPhone cover, she will know she trained you right.

The company has designed the only solid Koa covers for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.  These covers have a folding flap that protects your iPhone and stays securely in place due to a magnetized bottom.  Martin & MacArthur also has Koa covers for the latest versions of the iPad Air and iPad Mini. 

Your mom will look and feel good, with a gift that is handcrafted in Hawaii.


Written by Michael Tam, who wishes his mom to live a life of solid Koa enjoyment.