Wood watch buying 101

Choose a wood watch with a style suited to your taste. Do not compromise and get something that does not look right for you. The best companies, like Martin & MacArthur or Tense, offer hundreds of varieties, not just a few.

Wood watch buying 101

Look for a company that has innovative designs. Don’t settle for a wood watch that looks like a child’s toy. Some of these wood watches look like they belong in grade school. There are now elegant styles that include the automatic, self-winding Wood Watch and the Wood Watch with moon phase dials. Choose something that is innovative and worth the investment.

Choose a wood watch made from a beautiful wood. Many are simply made form maple or sandalwood. While these wood watches are okay, they are not as beautiful as a wood watch made with fine woods such as Koa. Your Koa watch will be a symbol of your style. Choose one that is going to attract admiring stares from everyone.


Written by Michael Tam, Wood Watch owner and wood enthusiast at Martin & MacArthur in Hawaii.