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Tor Chantara’s Fine Art of Marquetry

At the age of 26, Tor Chantara lives his life simultaneously in two worlds, practicing the fine woodworking art of marquetry that has its roots in the 16th Century, while learning techniques and ordering supplies via the Internet.

The Best Mother’s Day Gifts are Hand-Crafted – Wood Watches, Wood Sunglasses, etc.

Mom always said, “Make something with your own hands.”  Well, if you’re like me, the best thing you can make on your own is dinner reservations.

With Mother’s Day coming up soon, the best gift is something hand-made by skilled craftsmen.  Individually hand-crafted gifts show more care and thought than something made in a factory.

The Perfect Gift is a Wood Watch

The “perfect gift” is often difficult to find.  You need something special and unique that shows you put some effort in the gift.  You need something that stylish and elegant because that shows how you feel about the recipient.  And, you want something that is authentic, genuine, and reliable because that reflects on you.

Is Koa Wood Endangered – Or Extinct?

Concerned people sometimes ask, “Is Koa wood endangered, or even extinct?”   The answer is a resounding “NO.”  Koa wood is not and has never been on any endangered species list.  There is more Koa growing in the Hawaiian Islands today compared to ten years ago.

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