How to maintain a wood watch and keep it in good working order for the long term?

Now that you have a wood watch, you may be wondering how you can best take care of it so that it continues to look good and work well.  Believe it or not, wood watches are relatively easy to maintain. 

How to maintain a wood watch and keep it in good working order for the long term?
Forget Polishing

You don’t need any special cleaning cloths or polishes.  You don’t have to treat the wood to make it shiny.

The oils from your skin gradually rub into the wood with normal wear, polishing the wood and making it shiny.  You definitely should not use furniture polishes on your watch. Any such polishes can get into the crown of the watch and affect the movement.  The more you wear your wood watch, the better it will look. Sometimes, you might see someone who has worn a wood watch for more than a year.  This wood watch will look noticeably richer and shinier.

Easy to adjust the strap

Wood watches can be easily adjusted to fit any size wrist.  All it takes is a small screwdriver like the type used for eyeglasses.  Simply unscrew the metal pin that runs across the wood links on the watch band.  Remove the same number of links from either side of the watch, so that the face is balanced.  Screw the remaining links back together once you have removed the links to fit your wrist.  Be sure to keep the extra links in a safe place.  Sometimes, the links may break and you will be thankful to have spare links to replace any that might fail. 

Replace the battery

Anyone can replace the battery on a wood watch with a small screwdriver and the right size battery.  Be sure you check out the exact size of the battery in your wood watch.  They all look alike, but trust me, if you do not buy the right size battery, your wood watch will not run.  Simply unscrew the wooden back plate of the watch and gently twist it open.  Use the tip of the screwdriver to pry off the battery.  It should flick out very easily.  Place the new battery in the socket, being sure that you place it right side up.  Slide the wooden back plate back onto the watch and screw it firmly.

If you have one of the self-winding wood watches made with Koa wood by Martin & MacArthur, you will certainly not need to replace the battery.

With these easy steps, you will find that your wood watch will provide you with years of long lasting enjoyment.


Written by Michael Tam, a guy who loves wood watches and does not like to fuss and bother with their upkeep.