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Tips for Finding the Perfect Rocking Chair: Buying Guide

The rocking chair can be one of the best choices for creating a welcoming, comfortable home setting. However, with many styles and features, buying the right rocking chair can take time and effort. In this blog post, you will get the necessary information and factors to consider and make the right decision to identify the best rocking chair. We will address the advantages of rocking chairs, discuss the options regarding different varieties, and list points to note if you're purchasing one. At the end of the guide, you will know what it takes to find wood rocking chairs and make your home a place of relaxation.

wood rocking chairs

What is A Rocking Chair?

The rocking chair gently and rhythmically moves back and forth with its curvature glides or rockers attached to the legs’ bottom. This design makes the swing unique as it allows for smooth rocking motion, which has numerous health benefits, such as stress reduction, mood upliftment, and relaxation promotion.

Reasons to Consider Rocking Chair 

  • Relaxation

The gentle movement of a rocking chair soothes the body and mind. Whether you need to relax after a working day or escape the chaos, a koa wood rocking chair may help you settle down into calmness.

  • Unparalleled Comfort

Rocking chairs are created to be comfortable for sitting. Many of them have curved seats and backrests that allow you to sink while relaxing. This rocking movement calms circulation and gives the body a general relief from tension.

  • Durability

Rocking chairs can be surprisingly durable when made from premium materials like solid wood. Simple maintenance will make a rocking chair an heirloom passed down for generations. Because of their timeless design, rocking chairs have been fashionable over the ages.

  • A Versatile Piece for Any Space

Rocking chairs are open to more than one room. Their versatility allows them to blend into various areas of your home seamlessly:

  1. Nursery: The gentle rocking motion can be soothing for babies, making a rocking chair a valuable addition to any nursery.
  2. Porch or Patio: A rocking chair on your porch or patio provides a comfortable spot to enjoy the outdoors, sip your morning coffee, or unwind in the evening.
  3. Bedroom: A rocking chair in your bedroom can create a peaceful retreat, allowing you to relax before bed or enjoy a cup of tea in the morning.

Types of Rocking Chair

1. Double Rocking Chair

Double rocking chairs can provide wider seats for two to sit comfortably and promote interaction while at the same time relaxing together. This style is perfect for couples looking for a comfy corner to watch movies or parents seeking to create a special place for themselves and their children.

Double Rocking Chair
2. Slat Back Koa Rocking Chair

    The old-fashioned type stands for the beauty of durability. It is curved at the front with the seat and has slats on the back for greater comfort and air circulation. A slatted back ensures ventilation, which makes slat back koa rocking chair an excellent option for warmer regions. This design often features Koa wood, a Hawaiian hardwood with a trademark reddish-brown shade and incredible durability. Combining classic design with beautiful wood means a comfortable and aesthetically striking chair.

    Slat Back Koa Rocking Chair
    3. Monarch Rocking Chair

      For those individuals who aspire to own a more elegant and regal rocking chair, the Monarch style exudes elegance. The Monarch rocking chair usually includes a high back and armrests to offer extra support and comfort. Upholstered options can be available, giving a touch of elegance and genuinely making the heaven of relaxation luxurious. The high back and armrests give the chair a formal look, making it suitable for the living room or a library.

      Monarch Rocking Chair
      4. Wave Chair

        Wave chair is a contemporary version of the old rocking chair. This unique design secures the back with a curved shape, providing a smooth rocking motion. The curved back ensures optimum support for the lumbar zone, and gentle rocking gives you a quiet, relaxed, and controlled sensation. The Wave chair form looks natural and is compatible with modern and minimalistic decorations. It is recommended to fit contemporary interiors.

        Wave Chair
        5. Koele Rocking Chair

          Simplicity and elegance carry the Koele rocking chair. It offers a simple but straightforward form with a comfortable back and a slightly inclined seat. The Koa wood solid construction makes it withstand the test of time and provides a classic style. The Koele rocking chair features a simple design with an in-built gentle recline seat. It caters to various beach or garden settings and can be used in multiple.

          Koele Rocking Chair Solid Wood


          Features to Look in Rocking Chair

          1. Size and Scale

          • Measure Before You Buy: Rocking chairs come in various sizes. Consider your house's size and available space before deciding which chair to buy. Make sure the chair fits perfectly into the space you have allotted for it. Allow sufficient space so the chair can rock but not collide with the walls or other furniture.
          • Scale Matters: Consider the overall scale of the rocking chair for the rest of your furniture. An oversized rocking chair might overpower a small living room, while a petite chair might get lost in a spacious room.

          2. Comfort

          • Seat Support: Does the chair offer adequate back and lumbar support? Can you sit comfortably for extended periods?
          • Armrest Height:  Armrests provide additional comfort and support, especially if you plan on spending a lot of time reading or napping in the chair. Ensure the rocking chair's armrests are comfortable for your elbows.
          • Seat Depth: It impacts how you sit in the chair. A deeper seat allows you to fully sink in and relax, while a shallower seat might be better for occasional use.

          3. Material Quality

          The material of your rocking chair significantly influences its durability, style, and comfort. Popular options include:

          • Wood:  A classic choice, wood offers timeless beauty and exceptional durability. Koa wood, known for its rich brown tones and extraordinary strength, is a trendy choice for rocking chairs, adding a touch of Hawaiian elegance.
          • Metal:  Metal rocking chairs offer a more modern aesthetic and can be surprisingly comfortable. Wrought iron or steel are common choices, offering a sturdy and weather-resistant option for outdoor use.
          • Wicker:  Wicker rocking chairs provide a natural and inviting look. While comfortable for short periods, wicker chairs offer a different level of back support than wood or metal options.

          4. The Power of Movement

          The rocking mechanism itself is an important consideration. Look for a smooth and controlled rocking motion. Some chairs offer a more pronounced rocking arc, while others provide subtle sway. Choose one that suits your preference for movement.

          5. Consider Koa Furniture 

          Consider Koa wood if you're looking for a rocking chair that combines exceptional beauty, durability, and a touch of the exotic. Here's why Koa stands out:

          • Strength and Stability: Koa is a dense and solid hardwood known for its resistance to warping and cracking. This ensures your Koa rocking chair will be a cherished piece for generations.
          • Rich Visual Appeal: Koa wood boasts a stunning range of rich brown tones, often with a subtle shimmer. Its natural beauty adds warmth and elegance to any space.
          • Timeless design: A Koa rocking chair is not faddish or of the moment.  Koa rockers have been a part of gracious homes for generations.  They blend in well with other styles of furniture because the design and style are timeless.

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          Owning a rocking chair offers stress relief, improved circulation, and a sense of relaxation.

          A rocking chair can be a beneficial choice for people with back pain, as the gentle motion can relieve and reduce discomfort.

          The best wood for a rocking chair depends on personal preference and desired durability, but popular options include Koa, oak, maple, cherry, and walnut.

          Consider comfort, support, size, and style preferences to determine if a chair is right for you.

          An ergonomic chair is designed to provide optimal support and comfort, with features like adjustable height, lumbar support, and proper body alignment.