Using Benches in Your Room Design

Using Benches in Your Room Design:  Benches are so versatile that you can use them almost anywhere. A Look at The Clef Bench

There are so many different bench designs that it would be impossible to list them all.  The huge variety of benches has been wrought out of many different inspirations. This fact provides us with many different options for design.

For the sake of brevity, let us look at a single style of bench.  One of the more unique looks and design capability with the bench can be found in the Clef Bench.  It is a large bench that was inspired by the musical note. The clef bench provides a visually attractive and functional piece.

This particular Martin & MacArthur Clef bench can be used to accent almost any room because it can be used to create either a formal look, or a retro look depending on how you use it.  The clef bench also has stylish look that is eye catching. This is a great addition for any foyer or hall as it sets the tone for the home. 

The clef bench is fascinating piece because most people when they enter a room they are drawn to it or like it but have no real idea why.  When you look at the bench, its musical quality is apparent as the clef manifests music in its arched back and curved note like arms.  It is truly a masterpiece of woodworking that manifests the love of song into its design.  This affect is amplified by the deep Koa wood grain that provides a one of a kind look.

The Clef Bench is also a functional piece because it can be used in large entryways, living and family rooms, and also in bedrooms for accent or dressing areas. There is no end to the different ways that one can use this piece to accent a home. What room would not be made to look whimsical or given a classic feel with a clef bench adorning it?    

As you can see in the example of the clef bench, the design of benches can finish a look or change the feel of a room.  The question is whether a clef bench or other bench is the correct bench for your particular project? The clef is a unique bench but there are other benches that may be more suitable in particular situations. For instance, if you are planning on adding a bench to your front porch or lanai, you may want to consider a slat back bench.  It may just be a personal preference, but clef benches seem to work better inside the home. Slat backs have a more outdoorsy feel and look. There are also size considerations. The Clef bench is really more of a sofa than bench because it is approximately 6 feet in length. This is an important factor when considering a bench because they come in as many dimensions as they do styles.