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Glass Fish "Blue Green" by Jim Graper
Glass Fish "Blue Green" by Jim Graper
Glass Fish "Blue Green" by Jim Graper

Glass Fish "Blue Green" by Jim Graper


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Hawaii craftsman Jim Graper has had a love affair with glass for over 20 years. Glass-blowing first piqued Jim’s attention while attending the University of Hawaii. He moved from Oahu to Makawao, Maui where he was the facilities manager and studio supervisor for the local visual arts center, The Hui No'eau. His passion for glass was stoked by the owners of Hot Island Glass. "I would spend my free time hanging out in the shop....and if you hang out long enough in a glass shop you get put to work."

In 2003 Jim built his own hot shop." It was really pieced together with all sorts of acquired stuff from my various mentors; another creative aspect of this medium that inspires me."

In 2004 Jim moved his hot shop to the Big Island of Hawaii. He currently lives on an active volcano in the rain forest. "Kilauea has been actively erupting for almost three decades. I get inspiration from the diverse environment that is in constant flux."


  • Approx. 3.5 - 4"
  • Colors and designs may vary


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