Koa Shaving Kit #2a - Fusion w/ Badger Brush

Koa Shaving Kit #2a - Fusion w/ Badger Brush

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Our Hawaii craftsmen designed and created solid Koa razors using our private stock of Big Island Koa wood. Each Koa wood handle is lathe-turned individually by our master craftsman Mel. He creates a contoured razor barrel with exacting balance for effortless grip in the palm of the hand. We coat our razors with a premium marine varnish to make the wood waterproof.

The craftsmen of Martin & MacArthur know that a morning shave sets the day in motion. In order to make shaving an art rather than a ritual, we have created the only solid Koa wood badger brush to gently apply your favorite shaving cream. We guarantee that our badger brushes are soft and resilient.


Koa Razor

  • Gillette Fusion Blade
  • Approx. 3.25" L x .5-.75" D

Koa Badger Brush

  • Approx. 1.5" D x 3.25" H

Koa Shave Tree

  • Double Arm
  • Koa Base
  • Approx. 3" D x 3.5" W x 5" H
  • PLEASE NOTE: Shave Tree comes with metal base (not pictured). Koa-base Shave Tree (pictured) is discontinued and unavailable. Shaft remains koa.


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